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Welcome to Tottori Engineering

First and largest engineering school in beautiful San-in Region of Japan

Established in 1965, as the only engineering school in San-in Region of Japan, Engineering of Tottori University is committed to leading all range of engineering education and research. As the largest faculty of this national university in San-in Region in Japan, currently 2 million alumni with Bachelor's, Master's and/or Ph.D. degrees of Engineering work around the world. In 2016, about 2,000 undergraduate and 400 graduate students study in our Engineering school under supervision of over 140 faculty members.

Interested in applying?

Tottori Engineering offers 14 undergraduate programs in 4 departments. These education programs are all newly redesigned in 2015. Therefore, each education program reflects cutting-edge engineering topics and technologies, and modern issues of our society to be tackled by promising future Engineers!

Our 4 graduate programs invite exceptional people to focus on advancing solutions for real-world problems. We offer a wide array of Master’s and PhD programs to meet your needs, interests and career.

Undergraduate Departments and Programs

Mechanical and Physical Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering Program
  • Aerospace Engineering Program
  • Robotics Program
  • Physical Engineering Program

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering Program
  • Computer Sciences Program
  • Electronic Information Control System Program

Chemistry and Biotechnology

  • Synthetic Chemistry Program
  • Materials Chemistry Program
  • Green Chemistry Program
  • Biosciences Program
  • Biotechnology Program

Social Systems and Civil Engineering

  • Social Systems Engineering Program
  • Civil Engineering Program

Graduate School

  • Master's Degree Courses
  • Ph.D. Degree Courses

Affiliated Research / Education Centers

  • Innovation Center for Engineering Education (ICEE)
  • Tottori University Cross-Informatics Research Center (CiRC)
  • Center for Research on Green Sustainable Chemistry (GSC)
  • Center for Regional Management and Safety Engineering (CRMSE)
  • Tottori Integrated Frontier Research Center (TIFREC)


Student of Electromagnetic Energy Application Laboratory received the Award for NIMS Internship Program 2017
This English web site of Tottori Engineering newly opened!

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