Faculty and Graduate School / Department of Engineering Tottori University

Course of Chemistry and Biotechnology

The goal of Course of Chemistry and Biotechnology is to educate engineers and researchers who are competent in the fields of industrial chemistry and biotechnology. To this end, Course provides students with a highly specialized curriculum at the graduate level. Course is composed of two fields, Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology.

Applied Chemistry Field

We have classes that teach basic concepts in organic, inorganic, and physical chemistries, followed by advanced classes for organic and inorganic materials chemistry, organic and inorganic synthetic chemistry, catalyst chemistry, and electrochemistry. In addition, we place an emphasis on hands-on training under laboratory conditions in addition to classroom teaching to experience and analyze various chemical processes.

Biotechnology Field

Our goal is to provide students with knowledge that would allow them to seek new ways to combine nature and human society in harmonious ways, through the discovery of novel reactive mechanisms and useful compounds at the interface of biology (the study of living organisms and living systems) and engineering (the application of scientific principles to industry). Specifically, provides classes to apply the various mechanisms in bacterial or various cellular metabolism and replication to the production of various compounds and polymers, as well as to the removal of harmful chemicals from the environment. Any student who enters this field is assigned to a laboratory, and he/she will undergo basic training to become an engineer or a researcher through performing cutting-edge research.

We welcome students who possess a demonstrable grasp of scientific principles and techniques at the university level, and who are interested in becoming an active engineer or researcher in fields related to chemical industry, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and bioscience.