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Department of Information and Electronics

The technologies of cellular phones, the Internet and robotics, which used to be difficult to realize in the twentieth century, are becoming familiar to us in the twenty-first century. It is because of the progress of the high technology typified by Information and Electronics that enables downsizing, speed-up and higher performance. The field of Information and Electronics includes the foundation of technology such as microelectronics, computer engineering, artificial intelligence, medical electronics and optoelectronics which have been the most important for the sophisticated electronics and information society and the field is boundlessly expanding into the new frontiers. These fields are not developing independently but they correlate with each other. They will play important roles in the future industry of Japan. Therefore, it is strongly needed to research and develop these technological fields interdependently and synthesize the results. To attain this goal, deeper understanding of essential subjects, namely mathematics and physics, is required more and more.

In response to these needs, the department provides the following two courses: Information and Knowledge Engineering Course, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course. This department is prepared to provide the needed knowledge and skill to research in the respective courses and to develop his or her academic career to research and develop the creative technologies, gaining extensive knowledge of related fields.

Outlines of these two courses are as follows.

(a) Information and Knowledge Engineering Course

Information and Knowledge Engineering is the academic field which began to develop outstandingly in the twentieth century. This course provides the following knowledge and research about intelligent agents, which applied the fruits of knowledge of science: sophisticated control system such as robotics and NC machine tools, hardware and software of the adequate computer system for knowledge processing, knowledge representation and understanding, deduction, problem solving, theorem proving, natural language, translation and scenic image recognition.

(b) Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course

Computer system, information and communication system and optoelectronics play important roles in the recent sophisticated information society. In addition, the systems which supply a social need such as medical electronics have been developed. This course offers the following wide knowledge and research that is the base for above-mentioned technology.

  • A field of electrical and electronic materials, semiconductor devices and optoelectronics,
  • An electrical and electronic system field consisted of image engineering systems, electrical and electronic circuits, and electromagnetic energy applications,
  • An information and control field consisted of communication, system design and signal processing.