Faculty and Graduate School / Department of Engineering Tottori University

Department of Management of Social Systems and Civil Engineering

Infrastructures are managed to substantialize affluent and cultural society through design, construction, and maintenance. In transition from industrial society to knowledge one, the fundamental thoughts underlying infrastructure management have been with ever shifting flavor from efficiency-orientation towards quality-of-life-orientation and also harmony with the environment-orientation. The educational concept in this department, under this acknowledgement, has strong inclination towards the production of social systems knowledge as well as the development of both software and hardware methodologies for the infrastructure arrangement, secure community systems development, human quality enhancement, and environmental preservation.

The master’s program is aimed at producing engineers and researchers who are capable of pragmatically planning and designing the affluent society by endowing advanced knowledge and expertise necessitated in the management of social systems and civil engineering.

The doctor’s program is organized to provide high quality engineers and researchers endowed with advanced knowledge and applicable originality which are capable of responding to the social demands in the emerging new technological regimes.

(a) Civil Engineering Course

This course aims at equipping with necessary advanced knowledge for the plan, design, construction and management of life-related infrastructures based on harmony with the natural environment, as well as intellection and discretion from the global viewpoint.

(b) Social Management Engineering Course

The present society is seeking not only learning "knowledge" but also the capability to utilize the knowledge as "wisdom" for solving a problem. This course aims at educating the engineering and interdisciplinary approaches which includes humanities and social sciences required to solve various social and environmental problems.