Faculty and Graduate School / Department of Engineering Tottori University

Course of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Possessing the human resources necessary for meeting a wide variety of needs in engineering fields, Course of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering nurtures high-level engineers and researchers who are able to develop technologies from an interdisciplinary perspective, rather than from a stereotyped viewpoint. They are not restricted to just mechanical engineering, but are also proficient in the fields of aerospace, material, electronic, information, and environmental engineering. This course allows students to acquire high-levels of expertise and engage in original research; this enables them to develop so that they can aggressively assume leadership in solving problems. Specifically, students are trained to acquire the following:

  • A broad and fundamental knowledge of mechanical engineering, and also advanced expertise in applied mathematics, mechanics, and physics, that provide a foundation for entering advanced interdisciplinary engineering fields such as space engineering
  • A flexible way of thinking and insight to view problems macroscopically by considering the harmony between the natural environment and human society, and also leadership to solve problems systematically.

Applicants are expected to appreciate this policy and to be highly motivated. They are required to possess academic attainments in mathematics and physics employed in engineering as well as linguistic ability.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Field

Solid mechanics, Materials science and engineering, Reliability and design engineering, Precision and production engineering, Mechanical dynamics and mechatronics, Control and robotics, Thermal energy engineering, Fluid engineering, Fluid dynamics, Condensed matter physics, Non-linear dynamics, Nanomechanics, Biomechanics, Thermodynamics