Faculty and Graduate School / Department of Engineering Tottori University

Course of Information and Electronics

There are two Fields in this Course aiming to produce engineers and researchers as listed below.

Information and Knowledge Engineering Field

We aim to produce IT engineers and researchers who have the ability to create advanced information-oriented society of the future and bring it to practice. Especially, we focus on producing human resources with the balanced knowledge of both hardware and software through the education of advanced computer, its application to intelligent system, and others. We have the research and educational program from the basic to the application covering various computer related areas such as construction of intelligent system, advancement of computer system and computer aimed technology.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Field

We cover a wide range of technologies such as highly efficient device, advanced communication technology, software and hardware, and aim to produce world class engineers. In detail, our aims can be pointed out as follows:

  • better technical knowledge of electric and electronics
  • basic intellectual and ethical ability
  • ability to discover difficult problems and their solution
  • spirit to serve the international society

We accept those students who are interested in electric and electronics fields.