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[Doctoral Courses] Graduate School of Engineering

Educational / research goals and curriculum

This doctoral program is open to those with a master’s degree or equivalent, including those with professional experience, and foreign students.

The program aims to produce advanced researchers who are equipped with the expertise to undertake original and creative research, and who have the knowledge and ability to meet society’s needs in a variety of professional fields. In order to attain these goals all departments in the program offer lectures, experimental work, and special research studies.

Students are expected to obtain 10 credits from lectures in their own or other departments. Two credits are given for each lecture. Lectures in students’ own departments will enable them to develop expertise in their own research fields; lectures in other departments will enable students to acquire an interdisciplinary knowledge.

The experimental work will provide students with practical experience. They will take part in study and training at affiliated centers and / or private enterprises, and / or in joint research projects. Through this experience, students will gain the wide interdisciplinary knowledge demanded by industry.

In the special research component of the department, students will focus on specific research themes and complete their doctoral dissertation.

Outline of departments in doctoral program