Faculty and Graduate School / Department of Engineering Tottori University

Course of Social Systems and Civil Engineering

Objective of Course of Social Systems and Civil Engineering is to train engineers who not only create abundant society through wide-ranging practices of improvements to the infrastructure, creation and activation of safety local community, but also pursue soft and hard wares methodology to create comfortable and active society by the education of highly-professional knowledge/technology and researches.

Civil Engineering Field

This field cultivates skillful engineers who have knowledge of plan, design, construction and management of social infrastructures. To achieve the objective, this field seeks motivated, wide perspective and problem-solving oriented persons who are eager to learn the construction technology which supports manufacturing activities, who are interested in creating space for human living, and who consider harmony with the nature.

Social Systems Engineering Field

This field aims at training engineers who can contribute to realization of better society through planning and design of systems on urban, traffic, environment, disaster prevention, management, production, and telecommunication. Objective of the training is to provide students with the ability for solving problems with an engineering approach comprising humanities and social science, and learning systematic consideration to solve problems in the modern society. field seeks students who have a passion to realize comfortable life and abundant society,who have idea looking things analytically and also who have strong will to overcome difficulties with elaborate systematic means.